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Body Polishes at Spa Greystone

Slough off those dull skin cells while improving your circulation, fighting cellulite and brightening your skin tone with our soothing Body Polish treatment. Get polished and rinsed in our chakra aligned Vichy shower, and conclude with a light massage using only the best body moisturizers. This ultimately relaxing spa treatment!

What is a Body Polish?

A body polish at Spa Greystone is a spa treatment during which the skin is exfoliated, leaving it fresh, smooth, hydrated and soft. During your body polish, an exfoliant product is massaged into the skin and then rinsed away using a Vichy shower. The final step is a soft massage application of hydrating body butter.

What are the Benefits of a Body Polish?

A body polish serves as an exfoliant for your skin by sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving the polished skin underneath hydrated, soft and smooth. A body polish can be extremely invigorating, increasing circulation, fighting cellulite and improving the skin's overtall tone. A body polish also serves as the foundation for other body treatments, such as Massage Therapy.