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When people speak about "Injectables" it is usually referring to Toxins or Fillers.

Injectable Rewards

Signing up for injectable rewards is a no brainer! Whenever you spend you are rewarded with points to then exchange for services or cash to use towards your next purchase. It is completely free to sign up for and there are no extra charges!

Allergan - Professional-grade skincare. Facial injectables. Cellulite treatments. You name it.

Allē gives you points on over 50 products and treatments at participating dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med spas.

Aspire - As a member, you’ll earn points on qualifying treatments with Galderma brands as well as select partner brands. Redeem your points for savings on future Galderma aesthetic treatments that support your aesthetics goals.

Xperience+ - Get points for treatments, bonus points for signing up or visiting the same provider, and a birthday month reward!

As a loyal member of Xperience+, you’ll have exclusive access to enter into giveaways for prizes like concert tickets and more!

When you join this program you will get $50 to put towards an injection of Xeomin which is a FDA-approved toxin. Xeomin is a double-purified smoothing injection for frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. That's not all, 90 days after your treatment you will receive an addition $50 for another Xeomin treatment.



"Toxins" otherwise known as neurotoxins, block the messages from our brain to select nerves. These movements are the cause of wrinkles later in life. By stopping the select nerves from moving or contracting we can help the appearance and in some cases the development of wrinkles altogether. Starting young enough is often a huge benefit in preventing wrinkles from developing.

We are currently updating our post-care instructions, but please if any post-care instructions are needed follow this button to our associate Hedden Plastic Surgeries website for their recommended instructions.


"Fillers" or Derma Fillers are mostly made up of naturally occurring substances in the human body that slowly start declining as we age. Fillers are used to plump and give ourselves a more youthful appearance. Because aging is also caused by the loss of facial volume, Filler can be used to replace that missing volume. Filler can also be used in some circumstances to create features that are not naturally there for everyone. (ex: full lips, higher nose bridge, etc.) 

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