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Evan Mills, Master Stylist at Greystone Hair Salon

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Evan Mills Master Cosmetologist & Stylist

Take your look to the next level with Evan at Spa Greystone. Enjoy a relaxing experience and depart with your creative vision assured. With a passion for healthy and beautiful hair, Evan's ultimate goal is to help you look and feel terrific.

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Where it all began

The life of Evan happens to be quite an interesting story. He grew up in a log home with four wheelers, a creek and a wild imagination. Where to go from here was up to him. After high school Evan decided to go searching for a career that he would love and enjoy every day. He tried banking, traveling with a gospel group, selling and working on cars, running his own business and many more.

One day he sat down and thought, "what do I love to do the most?" He knew he loved making people feel better about themselves and what better way to do that than to change their appearance while instilling self-confidence and pride. When he realized this it opened up a whole new world. Evan now knows that he comes from a long line of master cosmetologists and takes pride in his work every single day.

What is offered?

Evan offers his line of vision. To look at the hair and understand how it wants to move. He may alter the movement to make the hair flow in different ways so the eye sees several layers or colors and is satisfied. To look at hair from this angle changes every artist view. It is not a method but a creation of one's daily esteem.

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Spa Greystone Full Service Luxury Medi and Day Spa "Evan has been doing my hair for 10 years and has been by my side, making my hair beautiful for the most special occasions of my life. He is not only an incredibly talented stylist but he is also a great friend." Catherine Steineker Ray


Evan Mills on stage

Here are a few of many experiences Evan has been able to be involved with and lend a helping hand:

Passion provides, Knowledge revives

When you love what you do it no longer becomes work but a joy to spread your knowledge and advice so that others may prosper in your absence. To teach and spread knowledge is to be by that person's side every time they use the knowledge that was given by you. — Evan Mills

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