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Hydrotherapy can soothe sore or inflamed muscles and joints, promote relaxation, clear up skin problems and so much more. Essential herbs and oils added can also enhance the therapeutic value based on your needs. Let your body go as you luxuriate beneath the cascading waters of our Vichy shower. The ultimate pampering never felt so good!

Vichy Shower And Wet Room

Melt away your tension and emerge renewed with this signature wet room treatment. Our 7 jet Vichy shower features suspended, adjustable shower heads to embrace your body beneath invigorating streams of warm water. This full body water massaging technique is known to improve circulation, hydration and muscle tone, while eliminating toxins and reducing stress.

The Vichy shower is a perfect complement to other body treatments at Spa Greystone, including massage therapy. Following your treatment, you can just relax and enjoy your water massage as you are rinsed.

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